Saturday 19 February 2022

Who knows where the time goes?

 So where did January go? And New Year? Or even Christmas? They've all passed me by in a blurred haze of ill-health (both my own and in the family), various choral performances over the Festive season and also a massive (always leave it till the last minute) rush to prepare and frame my work for Traverse's first ever gallery exhibition.

Happy to report that all is now much calmer on all fronts and our exhibition has been up and running for several weeks, with just over a week to go at The Sock Gallery, Loughborough Town Hall.

'Before' and 'After'  photos of one area on set-up day, with an action shot in between!

View from the entrance

The Sock Gallery is a beautiful, light and airy space and we are thrilled to see our work there. Here you can see Dia's wonderful hanging, revealed in the background, drawing you in ...

... and here it is! Well - a section of it as it's enormous! Many hours of work there on the wall.

Deb's dress and Vicki's hanging and skull studies - she is pleased to have sold a couple of these!

The wonderful work on Janet's wall:

Another of Deb's amazing 'unwearable dresses' with her fabulous 3D felts ...

... and some of her beautiful embroidery.

Dia has sold some of her fabulous 'Northern Light' series, seen here on the left:

Vicki's two stunning large pieces, flanked by a couple from Cath:

Finally a slightly wobbly video of Cath's wall:

Here are a couple of photos from our last 'Meet the Artist' session. Not sure what I was saying here but hopefully, it was interesting!

Rather excitingly, I was discussing a possible commission here.

We'll be in the gallery for our final 'Meet the Artist' session on Saturday, 19th February. Looking forward to seeing more lovely people and chatting about our work. Maybe see you there ...