Past Exhibitions:

Please see the Gallery for images of our past exhibited work.


The title of our first exhibition was ‘Destinations’ and our textile and mixed media work revealed different perspectives on that theme - some based on maps, views of the Earth from Space and real and imaginary landscapes. The Latin origins of the word, destinare, ‘make firm, establish’, led to it meaning ‘being destined for a place’ and we hope that this, our first exhibition, began to establish our place in the world of textile art.

We were here in 2018:

Fashion & Embroidery Show, 15th - 18th March, at the NEC Birmingham, Stand M11
Quilt & Stitch Village, 13th - 15th April, at Uttoxeter Racecourse
West Country Quilt & Textile Show, 30th August - 1st September at UWE Exhibition Centre, Bristol, Stand G72
The Creative Craft Show, 1st - 4th November, at the NEC Birmingham, Stand J02

Past Members:

Janet Donnell (2021-2023)

Glorious Yorkshire


Shetland Pathways

Nuno Wanderings

Bernice Hopper (2017-2020)

Destinations (2018)

Small Venice Book Venice Fabric Zigzag Book Artists Book,
Inspired by Venice
Pathways Venice Tiles Venice Hanging

Venice Zigzag Book 1 Venice fabric book Venice Zigzag Book 2

Revealed (2019)

Piece by Piece 1
Piece by Piece 2
My Mother Said

Hidden Support The Road Not Taken

Becca Birtles (2018-2020)

Revealed (2019)

Hidden Deafness 1
Hidden Deafness 2
Hidden Deafness 3

The Hidden Face
Making the Invisible Visible

Jan Seys (2017-2018)

Jan was a founder member of Traverse, who sadly died in March 2018, very soon after our first exhibition together. We continued to display Jan’s work for 'Destinations' throughout the year, with her family's permission, as we all knew how important it had been for her and how happy and excited she was to be part of the group.

We miss Jan and her contribution to the group immensely; she was a kindhearted and talented woman, a wonderful friend and an inspiration to all of us in Traverse.

Jan's work for 'Destinations'

Mixed fabrics,
free machined,
hand stitched
& beaded
Off The Beaten
Bonded applique
hand stitched
Mixed fabrics,
free machined,
hand stitched
Small Orkney canvases:
wet felted,
hand stitched,
free machined
Small Sun canvases: