Thursday 19 September 2019

West Country Quilt & Textile Show

This is the second time we have exhibited at the West Country Quilt & Textile Show.  It is one of our favourite venues.  It is a conference centre and has excellent lighting.  Better still, it has an amazing atmosphere.

This year we shared a stand with On The Surface.  We each had a wall for our own exhibition and a wall between us for our joint exhibition Please Touch.

Cath, Becca and Deb were ready and waiting to greet the many visitors to our stand.

Cath demonstrated needlefelting on the Embellisher whilst Dia used a needle and brush.

It was so great to see the number of visitors who were interested in our work.

Here's part of our Please Touch exhibition - this photo mainly showing Becca's work about deafness.

And on the table more pieces for people to touch.  Some people found it really difficult to touch pieces.  They are so used to exhibitions having Do Not Touch notices - but that was the whole point of our exhibition.  We had made pieces deliberately for people to touch. The idea was suggested by Deb Day who worked with Sense, a charity supporting deafblind people and those with complex disabilities, helping them communicate and experience the world.


We also exhibited our Revealed work.  Becca's work on sounds and deafness hung above Bernice's piece about her broken fingers.

We tend to hang our exhibitions by colour rather than artist.  Although some of us have a particular colour palette we work with so our work may be hung altogether.  Deb made the spectacular green dress called Gaia.

Deb had also made this beautiful dress which stood alongside Cath's felted spiral at the edge of our gallery and attracted the visitors in.

As you look at the next few photos, you will see how varied our work is.  That's what makes us 'Traverse'.

Our next exhibition is at the Big Textile Show at Leicester Racecourse.  We hope you will visit us there.

The Traverse Team