Friday 20 April 2018

The British Quilt & Stitch Village

Traverse has recently returned from the quilt and stitch show at Uttoxeter Racecourse.  We were given a long run of exhibition boards in one of the main exhibition halls.  We were unsure about this space when we arrived to set up but it turned out to be a wonderful place to be.

We were right at the end of the exhibition hall and I was concerned that people wouldn't visit us.  How wrong I was!  By the end of day 1, we felt we had seen and spoken to more people than we did over the whole NEC show.  Cath put together some of the comments from our Visitors' book.

Looking at the exhibition from left to right, we started with Bernice's mixed media work, most of which is on the theme of Venice.

Next we featured Jan's beautiful work, which her family has kindly donated to Traverse.

Moving along the exhibition, we come to Dia's handstitched 'Northern Lights' pieces and the beginning of Cath's work.

Cath's work was inspired by many different places but they all displayed her passion for various forms of felting and embroidery.

Dia, Cath & Jan had made cards which sold well.  On the table we also displayed Dia's fascinating 3D vessels and Cath's silk paper candle holder.

Deb's work featured needle-felting, hand dyed fabrics and textured surfaces, including her 'unwearable' dress, which took centre stage.

All this work can be seen next at the end of August at the West Country Quilt & Textile show in Bristol.   At the current time that will be the last time that we exhibit 'Destinations'.

Watch this space for the reveal of our next theme!