Dia always liked being creative from a young age, enjoying sewing, knitting and hand embroidery, and became very interested in Modern Art as a teenager.

After retirement, she has reconnected with this creativity and decided to investigate other media to increase her skills. She likes strong colours, shapes and abstract images and her current work, exploring different media, reflects that, as well as her early interest in Modern Art.

Dia's work for Revealed

Sossusvlei Namibia Desert
Needle felting, hand embroidery

Namibia Sand Dunes
Needle felting, hand embroidery

Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Needle felting, hand embroidery

Stained Glass Window
Machine embroidery, small fabric pieces with gold thread onto black Kunin felt. Ribbon edging

Dia's work for Destinations

The Northern Lights
Hand Acrylic painted cotton textile Hand embroidery- running stitch

The Northern Lights Trio
Hand Acrylic painted Cotton. Hand Embroidery - running stitch

Grand Canyon Rock Vessel
Stripes painted bondaweb onto vilene,organza on top and felt lining

Serpentinite Rocks California
on Route 49 Vessel
Mixed strips of natural dyed textiles on pelmet vilene

Examples of previous work

Branch weaving - Woven threads, ribbons and yarn – finger knitting
– woven onto a branch found in Holland near where she was born

Wet felting, hand stitched with thread and beads
in square frame (35cm x 35cm)