I am a dressmaker and sewing teacher by day and a textile artist by night. I am particularly interested in combining these different aspects, using textile art to make ‘unwearable dresses’, using hand-dyed fabrics and threads and decorated with needle-felting and creative embroidery.

My work tends to develop quite organically and I might be inspired by a certain colour, texture or smell. I find it difficult to write about my work and describe what I do as it is usually a reflection of how I’m feeling rather than what I’m thinking. I guess I am what I am, what you see is what you get, and if you’re lucky, you never know, you might get a little more than you see.

Deb's work for Revealed

Felted Fancies - Poppies
Wet felted wool fibres and stitch

Felted Fancies - Triffids
Wet felted wool fibres

Felted Fancies - Craters
Wet felted wool fibres and stitch

Embellished felt stitched with silk and cotton threads

When I'm Old I Shall Wear Purple
Embellished wool fibres and stitch

Deb's work for Destinations

Destination Life - the ultimate journey
Hand dyed fabric and mixed media unwearable dress

Destination Mindfulness - Wistful Thinking
Needle felted wool and silk with hand embroidery

Examples of previous work

Reverse applique - layered hand dyed natural fabrics, threads and yarn
(40cm x 30cm) 

 Heat treated painted Tyvek hand stitched, with hand dyed yarn, threads and cotton background
(35cm x 25cm)

You can find Deb Day Design online on Facebook and Instagram.